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Westcott Eyelighter Portrait

About Me

I began taking pictures over 25 years ago. I was living in the Texas Hill Country where the wealth of natural beauty around my home was too powerful to resist. I would borrow my parents' cameras and camcorders and head out into the wilderness for hours on end.

In recent years, I have found great joy in capturing the human element. Wedding photography has become my primary interest. Meeting couples during the most exciting time of their lives, listening to romantic dreams and detailed plans allows me the opportunity to creatively capture each moment of the big day in beautiful light. Every wedding is different and it is my goal to treat every wedding as its own entity; as a new life form; beautiful, unique, and alive! 

Portraiture and lifestyle photography have challenged and inspired me to learn a great deal more about both photography and life. I find great joy in the creative process! Collaborating with clients, peers, and mentors to create beautiful images has been incredibly rewarding for me! I am always looking forward to the next creation; a new idea, and a new challenge. ​

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